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"Photographing Your Present For Your Future"

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          Allen Wedding   Davis Wedding   Grabast Wedding   Green Wedding   Grigsby Wedding   Haley Wedding   Jackson Wedding   James Wedding   

          Lewis Wedding   McKinney Wedding   Reed Wedding   Shannon Wedding   T. Thumb Wedding   Walker Wedding   Wesley Wedding   Williams Wedding


       J C Harmon H.S.~ Sweetheart Dance 2006   Prom 2006   Winter Formal 2007   Homecoming 2007   Winter Formal 2008   Homecoming 2008

                                    Prom 2009   Homecoming 2009   2010 ~ Prom   Winter Formal 2010   Homecoming 2010   2011 ~ Prom   Homecoming 2011   2012 ~ Prom

        Nowlin Middle ~ Sweetheart Dance 2006

        Van Horn H.S. ~ Homecoming 2005

        Wyandotte H.S. ~ Prom 2008   Prom 2009   Prom 2010


        Adult Basic Education - 2007   Adult Basic Education - 2008   Chaesare' Graduation    

          Wyandotte H.S. 2008   Wyandotte H.S. 2009   Wyandotte H.S. 2010   UMKC - Carter 2007


        Adriana  Chumekka   Ricky


         Abrought  Allen    Buie   Burnett   Clay   Collins   Davis   Echols   Fennell   Freeman   Grigsby   Harris   Hill   Hunter   Jackson   Johnson   Jones_S 

         McLemore   Mayberry-Huggins   Moore   Parris   Pre-Paid Legal   Rhodes   Walker   Washington   Williams_T   Williams_V


        Morrison Family Reunion    Nona's Birthday   Pre-Paid Legal 


        Hosanna M.B.C. ~ Church 9th Anniversary

         Olive Branch M.B.C. ~ Pastor & Wife's  26th Anniversary   Church Bar-B-Que   Pastor & Wife's  27th Anniversary   

         Greater St. Matthew M.B.C. ~ Seven Last Words 2005   Seven Last Words 2006   Seven Last Words 2007   Seven Last Words 2008 

         Second Missionary Baptist Church ~ Day Care   Learning Center   Ministers  School Pictures 2009   School Pictures 2010   Service Boards

                                                               Thirty-First Anniversary           


        Sports Posters     iHigh.com     

        K. C. Tribe ~ 2009 WFA Champions:

                   2012  ~  KC Tribe vs KC Spartans   KC Tribe vs StL Slam  ~  1st Qtr    2nd Qtr   3rd Qtr    4th Qtr

       GKCFCA Metro Classic

                     2010 ~ Coaches & Players    1st Qtr    2nd Qtr   3rd Qtr    4th Qtr

                       2012 ~  1st Qtr    2nd Qtr   3rd Qtr    4th Qtr

       Hy-Vee Shoot Out 2009 ~ Hickman Mills vs Sumner Academy    Columbia Rock Bridge vs Wichita Heights    Rockhurst vs SM Northwest

                                                            Archbishop O'Hara vs Bishop Miege

        Center HS BasketBall ~ vs St Pius X   vs Ruskin    1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    4th Qtr    vs Warrensburg    1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    4th Qtr

        Center HS Football  ~  vs Pembroke Hill    Pre-Game    1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    4th Qtr

                                          vs Smith-Cotton    1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    4th Qtr

        Center HS Cheerleaders Center Cheerleader Squads    vs Smith-Cotton - Band    vs Smith-Cotton - Cheerleaders

        Center HS Wrestling ~ Western Missouri Wrestling Tournament

        Grandview HS Football ~ Grandview vs RaySouth

       J.C. Harmon Baseball ~ vs K.C. Central    vs K.C. East    vs K.C. Central Gm1    vs K.C. Central Gm2    2010 Team Photo    Team & Individual Photos 2011

                                            vs Wyandotte Game 1    Game 2    2010 Regional  vs Wyandotte Game 1    vs Mill Valley Game 2    2011 Regional vs Bishop Miege

        J.C. Harmon Basketball ~ vs Washington Girls    vs Sumner Boys    vs Wyandotte Boys    vs Bishop Miege_Girls   1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    4th Qtr    

                                               vs Gardner-Edgertown    1st Qtr    2nd Qtr    3rd Qtr    4th Qtr     1st OT     2nd OT

        J.C. Harmon Football ~ vs Washington 08    vs Washington 09    vs Topeka High    vs Schlagle    vs St James Academy  

                                            vs Wyandotte    vs Sumner Academy 2010

        J.C. Harmon Cheerleaders ~ 2010 Squad

        J.C. Harmon Soccer ~ vs Hickman Mills    vs Piper 2009 (WyCo Tourney)    vs Sumner Academy    vs Schlagle    vs Wyandotte 

                                          vs Wyandotte JV   vs Sumner Academy Gm2    Class 5A Semi    Class 5A Final    Kansas 5A Qtr

        Raytown South Football ~ vs Staley 08   vs Fort Osage 08    vs K.C. Northeast 09    vs Raytown 09    vs LSW    vs Ozark    vs Nixa    

                                                Last Play from Nixa    vs Fort Osage    

        Raytown South Cheerleaders ~ Cardette Cheerleaders

        Rockhurst HS Football ~ Blue Springs vs Rockhurst


       AMA Tornado Nationals


       The Spiritual Knight-N-Gales    The Spiritual Souls   


        Mom    Dad    Miss E  Rudy   Jay, Khy & Crew    Jarvis II    

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